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You may remember Long Island Businessman Robert Matherson’s 1993 “Move Out of New York State, Before it’s Too Late” campaign, a protest against New York’s then-business unfriendly environment under New York Governor Mario Cuomo. Now, fast-forward to 2019 with Mario Cuomo's son Andrew Cuomo at the helm. Not much has changed in a quarter of a century...

James Lamb is a New York born and raised American small business entrepreneur and small business advocate who founded a private sector alternative to dealing with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles ("NYSDMV ") called “On-Line Registration,” a name approved by NYSDMV.

His online business is currently under attack by a number of upstate counties that were cited in a recent Albany Times Union article “(County DMVs want more money from state") and state officials because he dared to compete with these counties by offering New Yorkers a convenient online alternative to dealing with state and county bureaucrats and the cumbersome DMV website. These counties first ganged up on James in 2009 by trying to get then-state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to shut him down. Ten years later, these counties continue to try to put him out of business by pressuring DMV officials to revoke his duly issued NYSDMV private service bureau (PSB) license, which Cuomo contractually promised James would not be "unreasonably withheld.".

Disturbingly, at the time the counties' allies within NYSDMV launched their latest attack on James in December of 2016, there was not even one written complaint lodged with NYSDMV against James' business according to a stenographer's transcript of an official NYSDMV adjudicatory proceeding. Even worse, DMV's Special Counsel Lincy Jacob illegally revoked James' PSB license in 2017 without a hearing in violation of his right to due process; NYSDMV's own Appeals Board then overturned that illegal revocation. So, in 2018, Jacob tried again, this time through a kangaroo court style adjudicatory hearing on bogus, trumped up charges. The ALJ's decision to revoke James' PSB license is currently being review by the NYSDMV Appeals Board once again.

There was even a political attempt to knock James out last year by one state representative from one of these competitor counties who introducing an unconstitutional bill in the state legislature that would have made it unlawful for a private company to serve the public’s motor vehicle renewal needs. That legislator was kicked out of office by voters in November 2018 and her bill was not passed by the entire state legislature.

James is currently fighting these anti-American attacks on his small business on three fronts: before the DMV internal appeals board, in state court, and in Federal court, suggesting a state regulation that was specifically aimed at him and promulgated in bad faith to sabotage his online business after his agreement with Cuomo is unconstitutional and in violation of his right to free commercial speech under the Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. v. Public Service Commission Supreme Court case.

James has even asked the Public Integrity unit of the U.S. Attorney's Office covering upstate New York to investigate what he believes is political corruption within New York government in violation of his civil rights.

Like Bob Matherson, James has moved out of business-unfriendly New York to Florida. A little over twenty-five years after Matherson's campaign, James has a stern warning for small businesses in New York in 2019: 

"Get Out of New York State, Before It's Too Late!" 

To Learn More About Online Entrepreneur/Small Businessman James Lamb's Fight Against Unfair Competition by Many of the Upstate Counties in New York and his Campaign to Preserve Commercial Free Speech in America, Click Here.


NY Governor Andrew Cuomo issues statement on the #GetOutOfNewYorkState movement.*

*Obviously, a New York themed parody.

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